About Us


A world wherein everyone has their core needs addressed and achieves contentment.


To coach clients toward gaining a better understanding of how to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Our Work

Activate5 Coaching Group aims to provide coaching services to those who wish to live according to holistic approaches. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, from teens to seniors. They are looking for a collaborator to help them realize their goals and objectives and lead a balanced life.

Our clients are young people making big decisions that will have long-term effects on their life, adults feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, parents needing help guiding their teens to adulthood, mothers re-entering the workforce after time spent at home, single parents looking for balance and direction, and others who are looking for a sense of purpose in life.

We are a source for those reaching for a new level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Our Team

Mahen (Coach)

Mahen enjoys working with people who are passionate about designing a fulfilling life. His diverse education and background is both a reflection of that passion and an indication of the rich coaching experience he offers our clients. He enjoys hanging out, sports, and growing as a person.

Muhammad (Coach)

Muhammad has been working with young people and leaders for many years, and he finds this work very fulfilling. When people feel supported and their goals become clearer to them, they are able to find satisfication in their lives. Such happiness in people’s lives keeps Muhammad going.

Ameen (Coach)

When Ameen works with someone, he gives the person his full attention. He believes that our motivation increases when we work together to support one another. Seeing clients go from plateaus and obstacles to growth and enjoyment makes the coaching experience very rewarding.